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Education at Imago Dei Classical School

K-12 Classical Christian Education is distinguished by the aims of its curriculum and its teaching practices. We seek to honor God and His image by acknowledging Him in every area of study and in the way we encounter those studies.

At Imago Dei Classical School our full definition of education is the cultivation of biblical wisdom, virtue, and affections by nourishing the soul on truth, goodness, and beauty, so that, the image of God might be restored in the student, and so that, in Christ they are better able to know, glorify, and enjoy God forever. This is done through teaching students piety, gymnastics, music, the liberal arts, and the natural, humane, philosophical, and theological sciences as they engage the great works of Western civilization.

Note that our understanding of education includes formation (piety, gymnastics, music), skills ( the 7 liberal arts), and bodies of knowledge (the four sciences). For the majority of the K-12 education our priorities are the formative and skill elements of our definition. The sciences are incorporated in the curriculum but expertise in these bodies of knowledge is not yet our aim. For example, History is considered a Humane Science. However, we study it in this stage not to become historians, but in order to teach piety, grammar, logic, and rhetoric.

A more brief explanation of our K-12 education might then be described as shaping our students through Christian piety, gymnastics, music, and acquiring mastery over the arts of Word and Number.


Does this sound Greek to you?

Well, it is not Greek but it is foreign to many of today's schools.

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