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In antiquity, "gymnastics" considered the entire physical health of the child by developing fine and gross motor skills through play, physical training, and athletics. Intentional physical training would lead to competition in running, swimming, wrestling, and other traditional Olympic sports of antiquity and, for men, culminate in military training.


General Physical Preparedness

We want to form young men and women who are able to rule themselves; this necessitates the cultivation of moral, academic, and physical self-discipline. Our Physical Education program is not centered on sports and games as many modern schools are (though those may be used). It is based on general physical preparedness, teaching children how to use and take care of their bodies early on through natural physical movements. We use movements which help improve physical and neurological development (balance, coordination, agility, accuracy).

This is done first through play, giving students time outside, walking on logs, hopping, climbing trees, and giving them freedom on the playground. We also use movements that they may encounter on an adventure through the woods or helping to work around the house, such as balancing on boards, carrying buckets, pushing wheelbarrows, pulling themselves up, squatting, and crawling. In addition to play and movements which they will naturally encounter, there will be intentional physical conditioning through High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT).  Though we are not affiliated with the programs, parents may look at things such as MovNat or CrossFit Kids to get a better understanding.

Emphasizing general physical preparedness will help students in their athletics while also teaching them skills that will still be beneficial long after their K-12 education.


Dragons Do Exist


As students continue through upper school and learn to rule their bodies, we also desire that they may defend themselves and protect others. A complete upperschool program will expect all students to have knowledge of basic self-defense, and for the young men, rigorous wrestling and/or mixed martial arts.



To be a good marksman, one must be physically and mentally tough. Our students from a young age begin archery. Our archery program requires and helps us exercise our obedience, respect, diligence, patience, and physical discipline. As our school grows, we will also incorporate acquiring basic rifle skills with air rifles.  Though our facilities limit us to air rifles, we encourage families to participate in proper firearm training and marksmanship. The well prepared and courageous marksman is not only a quality competitor but he offers protection and provision for his family and community if the need ever arises.