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With an understanding that the mental, physical, and spiritual nature of man is intrinsically unified, we encourage athletics and physical fitness as ways to develop self-discipline, courage, comradery, sportsmanship, and overall health and wellness. We do not have any organized team sports, though we offer Mixed Martial Arts and the church would love for you to join its weekly open Archery. As students get older and the school grows, we will seek to enter competitively into marksmanship competitions. Cross Country Running, Track, and Grappling are other sports which we will realistically be able to compete in. We have the facilities for some team sports such as Basketball and Volleyball, however those will be dependent on school growth and family interest. For those interested in team sports for their younger children, there are intramural leagues available yet we recommend that parents be wise in the amount of time they spend carting kids off from one athletic event to the next. Time for family dinners, prayer, and devotion in the evening are very important, and it is never appropriate to miss the gathering of the saints on Sundays.