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We Are a Ministry of The Church

As a ministry of Missio Dei Fellowship, we are a confession-centered school. And our confession is that Christ is Lord of all! That the Lord and Creator of all has revealed His character and His will to us, and that if we are to know anything truly, we must acknowledge His Word.


how does a confession-centered school work?

We honor above all, the Word of God, we sit under the rich tradition of knowledge passed down to us throughout history, and we learn these things within the confessional context taught and lived out in our own local church.

Imago Dei Classical School affirms the statements of faith held by Missio Dei Fellowship and the Association of Classical Christian Schools (ACCS). The church is affiliated with the National Southern Baptist Convention and the Minnesota-Wisconsin State Convention.

When we open up to members outside of MDF, we expect at least one parent to be a member in good standing from a like-minded local church with a pastoral recommendation, who gladly affirms the ACCS Statement of faith, and is willing to have their children learn the New City Catechism (considered to be broadly conservative Evangelical with a reformed soteriology). We are unapologetically Protestant, and though we teach from the perspective of credo-Baptists, teachers will show proper respect for other protestant beliefs (this is done by stating what our church teaches, referring to what we all agree on as seen in the catechism, and happily telling students to seek more instruction from their parents and pastors).